Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) at
Pacific Medical Center of Hope
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This chamber is absolutely HUGE! For example, a parent may accompany their child into the chamber and both can comfortably receive a treatment simultaneously!

Some patients are prone to claustrophobia, but they experience absolutely none in this chamber, since it is surrounded with acrylic glass like material that you can see through.. You can even reach your arms straight out in front of you while supine and can even sit up while in the chamber.

Many other physicians successfully use similar chambers in their practice but they are usually not as advanced or in very smaller size and even some are only portable plastic.

Most non-hospitalized individuals can easily and effectively use this hyperbaric chamber. However, you should not use hyperbaric oxygen therapy if you have oxygen-dependent emphysema (COPD) since the extra oxygen can suppress your respiratory drive. In addition, you should not use the chamber if you currently have a pneumothorax or a history of spontaneous pneumothorax.

Certain medications, such as doxorubicin, bleomycin, cis-platinum, disulfiram, and mafenide acetate, should not be used while you are receiving hyperbaric treatments. At this time, we recommend avoidance of hyperbaric therapy if you are pregnant since not enough research has been performed yet. We would need to be cautious if you have Eustachian tube dysfunction and have an upper respiratory infection with difficulty equalizing ear pressure.

Nicotine causes constriction of blood flow and diminishes the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Therefore, you should discontinue the use of all nicotine products.

Treatments last for about 1 hours and given 1-4 times per week, music and television are available in the chamber and a therapist is on hand at all times

Similar to the sensation you get flying or driving in the mountains, your ears will start to pop as pressure is increased and decreased at the end of the treatment

Preparation for treatment

Items that are not allowed in the chamber:
Nail polish, aftershave,  hair spray,  mustache wax,  hair oil, makeup,  lipstick, deodorant, perfume, cologne,  dentures and partials,  contact lens (hard),  hearing aids, wigs, prosthetic devices, watches, jewelry ointments, liniment,  petroleum jelly,  synthetic clothing, nylon, salves

Shaving location containing petroleum or alcohol base should not be used before treatment.
Remove all jewelry.
You will receive a cotton gown to wear during your treatment
Cold or flu-like symptoms may affect clearing of ears and can result in treatment delay until conditions improve.
Smoking decreases effectiveness.
Please refrain.

Call us for any questions, and certainly make an advanced appointment as we are getting very busy with a long waiting list.

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